Dear Professor Akbari, 
thank you for your mail of 27th June including your cv, logo and photo. 
EURAMA will be happy to send you its logo (see att.) to be publsihed exclusively on flyers, brochures, informative material and on your website for events related to the 9th International Breast Cancer Conference in Iran. The logo may not be modified and should be published as you receive it.
We are interested in having a workshop/residential course during the International Breast Cancer Conference in February, 2014 and we would like to know whether you have a preference for a particular topic (e.g. diagnosis, surgery, radiotherapy, etc.). Please let us know.
We would appreciate it if you could send us a presentation of the Cancer Research Center you are working at.
Looking forward to hearing from you, we remain, 
Yours sincerely, 
Carla de Jong